Download PulseBoy (PC) & Pre-order BAND SAGA

What Is PulseBoy?
PulseBoy is a web-based musical sequencer which only uses 8bit sounds and samples. PulseBoy uses a "tracker" interface to accept note input. It is currently in beta so feel free to contact me at (or @rekcahdam) if you find any bugs!
System Requirements
For the best performance I would suggest a computer with an 2.0ghz dual core processor or some equivalent , but it will run on any computer! For slower computers, such as netbooks, change the mode to "non-JIT" by clicking the "non-JIT" button to the top right. This will cause PulseBoy to mix your music before playing it which will take longer to load but increases playback performance by a ton!
You can report bugs, ask questions and submit feature ideas emailing me at!

Programing: Roger Hicks, Artwork and Animation: Matt White Anything that is created with PulseBoy is under the 'Creative Commons Attribution License' which can be copied, distributed, sold commercially, displayed and performed. I only ask that you credit me and/or PulseBoy although it is not absolutely necessary.